Toddler rescued after getting stuck in washing machine while playing hide-and-seek


A toddler had to be rescued after getting stuck in a washing machine while playing hide-and-seek.

Footage shows the crying two-year-old boy Eyeoon while rescuers struggled to remove him from the metal drum in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand on February 24.

Nangthong Mawongwien, 56, said her grandson tucked himself in the machine while playing with a friend.

However, when he was finally found and tried to climb out, his lower body was stuck in the plastic basket.

The old woman called her neighbours for help while trying to calm the boy down, but without success.

They finally contacted the emergency rescuers for assistance after almost half an hour of trying to pull the youngster out.

When the rescue volunteers arrived, they began cutting the cylinder compartment of the machine where the boy was stuck.

Five rescue members helped remove the boy from the basket using a steel cutter to widen the washer’s mouth.

After more than an hour, the boy was finally taken out of the washer before he was given a drink of water.

Paramedics checked the boy for injuries before his worried grandmother put some baby powder on his body to help him relax.

Fortunately, the boy only had a few scratches from his skin being rubbed in the plastic’s sharp edges while trying to climb out.

Relieved grandmother Nangthong said: ‘I am thankful that my grandson is okay now. I was shocked when I heard him shouting for help and saw that he could not climb out of the washing machine.’