Two wild cobras caught mating under family’s bed


This is the shocking moment two wild cobras were caught mating under a family’s bed.

Ampa Suraban, 62, was sleeping when loud hissing noises woke her up in her bedroom in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand on February 25.

The pensioner listened closely and thought the animal making the strange sounds could be a gecko.

She then took her flashlight beside her bed and pointed it to the hissing creatures before seeing a cobra’s tail.

The old woman said she tried to walk out of her bedroom as slowly as possible to avoid startling the deadly reptiles.

She said: ‘I was starting to panic because of the snake and then I saw there were two of them. I tried to calm down so I can go outside and call for help.’

Ampa added that the two snakes were under her bed appearing to be mating as they had been intertwined together which gave her a chance to escape.

When the rescue team arrived, they had to search for the venomous cobras inside the bedroom as they were nowhere to be found.

They asked the old woman if they could dismantle her wooden bed and she agreed.

The team first removed the mattress followed by the pillows and sheets before one of the snakes emerged from behind the bed’s headboard.

The brave animal rescuers used a long pole with a hook to lure the snakes out – which are both 5ft-long – before pinning down their heads.

The rescue operation took almost an hour before the snakes were placed inside a sack to be released later in the wild.

The relieved old woman thanked the rescuers who drove away with the mating snakes.