Drivers shocked after human corpse falls out from under car

Graphic video:

A family was shocked after a human corpse fell out from under their car.

Saharat Ploykrut, 29, was with friends and relatives in four different cars when they stopped at a petrol station in Trat, Thailand on February 26.

They had been driving through the night for a long weekend holiday before stopping to refuel and buy food. However, when they were about to resume the journey, Saharat noticed something swaying under the car.

At first, he thought the chunk was a dead puppy, but he was horrified when he reversed out from the car park and a human body fell out.

Saharat said it was dark at the station that time so he did not notice what they immediately.

He said: ‘I thought it was just a dead dog, but it was a human corpse. I don’t know how it got there.’

He called his friends and found a severed torso, arms, and legs under the car. Police arrived to collect the body parts.

Officers said they are now trying to search the identity of the corpse, but could not yet identify the gender until they take them to the forensics for checking.

Police Yotcom Inkai said: ‘We have checked the four cars but there were no traces of collision.

‘The tourists have been released and they insisted to keep travelling to their destination at Koh Chang. They will come back and take their cars back later.’

The officers, with the help of rescuers, continued to check for traces of accidents in nearby areas and found more body parts along Sukhumvit road.

They believe that the car ran over a person who was already dead and the corpse became stuck under the vehicle and tangled in the parts.

Officers collected all the remains to identify the body while investigations are ongoing.