Environmentalists concerned over Mekong River water levels call on China to release data

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgpnme6hl3zy1ja/VRP14430.mp4?dl=0

Environmentalists ARE worried about the rapidly decreasing water levels in the Mekong River in northern Thailand.

Footage shows the river in Chiang Rai province close the neighbouring Asian country on March 2.

Niwat Roykaew, Chairman of Rak Chiang Khong Conservation Group, blamed China for its dam managment schemes. He called on the country to release data on Mekong River water levels.

He said: ‘Water levels in Mekong River have decreased continuously, due to China letting little water out. This has affected many countries at the end of the dams.’

Niwat added that China should study the effects of the unnatural way the water levels change.

Mekong River Comission (MRC) had made a plea for China to release water from the dam so that Mekong River can maintain it’s ecological system and have better river flow.