Monitor lizard attempts to swallow huge python near canal


This is the horrifying moment a monitor lizard tried to swallow a huge python near a canal.

Shocked onlookers watched the wild animals fight until the lizard had beaten the snake in Ulu Pandan, Singapore on February 24.

The defiant python struggled to escape the lizard by wiggling but the lizard would not let go of its meal.

Onlooker Bart Van Wassenhove said it was a unique experience to watch the animals battle.

He said: ‘It’s nice to witness this spectacular sight. I did not expect it to happen in broad daylight.’

Meanwhile another onlooker, Yen Chua, captured pictures of the weak python before being chomped on by the monitor lizard.

She said: ‘I almost forgot to take pictures because I was so busy watching what was happening in front of me.’