Kittens rescued after getting stuck behind home’s concrete wall


Three kittens were rescued after getting stuck behind a concrete wall of a house.

The resident said she woke up in the middle of night after hearing a cat crying loudly in Tak province, Thailand on February 28.

She searched but couldn’t find the animals anywhere inside her house until she thought of the narrow gap behind her wall.

The woman became sure that a cat was trapped below because it cried even louder after she flashed a torch through it.

She tried to use a wooden stick to pull the cats out, but it didn’t work so she called rescue team next morning (March 1).

The team first probed the wall so they could know the exact position of the cats. They tried to pull the cats out using a hook at first, but it only avoided them as it was too scared.

With the house owner’s permission, they began smashing a hole in the five-inches thick wall using a sledgehammer.

The rescuer went slowly to avoid hurting the animal trapped inside before he was able to create a hole big enough to free them.

The relieved house owner thanked the rescuers and decided to adopt the cats.

She said that three days ago, a pregnant stray cat had entered their property to give birth but could not find where it nested.

She said: ‘I saw a stray enter my property. I thought it was pregnant so I let it roam around. However, I heard a cat crying so I was worried.’

The cats are now living with the woman who had barred the space in her roof leading to the gap between the walls to prevent more animals from being trapped.