Pervert who raped and murdered girl, 15, mobbed by any locals during crime reconstruction


A pervert who admitted raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl had to be protected by police when her father tried to attack him.

Bangmad Prathom Kongrah, was being taken on a crime reconstruction in front of angry locals in Songkhla, Thailand on March 1.

He was escorted by police as he reenacted what happened and confessed to killing Nina Arisara, 15, on February 27.

The late teen’s father, Anan Jantula, was with furious relatives when they pushed through police while trying to reach the alleged murderer.

Dozens of residents then watched as the murderer then pinned down a model in a pink hoodie and showed how he assaulted Nina.

Prathom confessed to attacking the girl who he first saw riding a scooter at a gas station where they were both refueling.

He said: ‘I was drunk that time and about to drive home from Hat Yai. However, I saw her and felt horny so I thought of doing it.’

Prathom was recorded on CCTV cameras at the gas station where he allegedly waited for 20 minutes as Nina paid for petrol and bought snacked. He then followed the girl after she left.

Police Major General Tewtawat Nakornsri said Prathom followed Nina’s motorbike using his Toyota car before crashing into the scooter to knock her to the ground.

He said: ‘He was driving the Toyota into the gas station. Nina was wearing a hooded jacket and going through her pockets to pay for the gas while he waited and watched her.

‘He also left when the girl had left and rammed her motorbike when he reached a secluded part of the road.’

Prathom allegedly made sure that the motorbike fell into the ditch before he punched her in the stomach and raped her.

He said he then used a metal rod to batter her face until she was dead and manipulated the scene to make it look like the girl died from an accident.

Despite the angry mob, the police were able to let Prathom back into the van safely after the reenactment.

The investigation is still ongoing but father Anan said that he wished Prathom will be sentenced to death or jailed for life.

He said: ‘He had done this before and still have no conscience. He repeated his actions again so I believe he is very cruel.

‘My daughter was just a child. I wanted to see her grow up and have a family. This is the most evil thing that could happen. I have nightmares when I think about the fear she felt before she died.’

Prathom has a past conviction for assaulting a 15-year-old in 2002. He was imprisoned for a year and fined 5,000 Baht (165 USD).