Myanmar armed police chase protesters and attack them with battons


This is the shocking moment armed police chased protesters and attacked them with battons in Myanmar today (Mar 2).

CCTV recorded the police and soldiers running towards the demonstrators in Sanchaung Township, Yangon, shortly before midday.

One of the group was seen being pinned to the ground by an officer and struck over the head three times with a batton before grabbed by the neck, pushed against a car and repeatedly punched. Several other officers then intervened.

Earlier in the day, villagers in northern Myanmar clashed with policein the town of Kale in the Sagaing Region. The police were forced back as the angry locals hurled objects at them.

The unrest came more than a month after the military ousted former leader Aung San Suu Kyi from power on February 1 and seized control of state operations. The Nobel Peace Prize Laurette was seen in court on Monday.

Last Thursday there were clashes between pro-military supporters and protesters, with one man being stabbed. Similar clashes between police and protesters happened on Friday and Saturday.

The total death toll from the protests is unclear – with some reports from local media claiming dozens of people have been killed. Human rights groups have expressed growing concern.

International pressure on Myanmar, still known as Burma, has escalated with the U.S. government warning of sanctions on the country.

Burma was governed by Britain from 1824 to 1948, during which time it became the second-wealthiest country in Southeast Asia but following independence was ruled by the military until 2011 when democratic reforms began. It changed its name to Myanmar.