Shocking moment brawl erupts on river raft in Thailand


This is the shocking moment a brawl erupted on a river raft floating at a tourist destination in Thailand.

More than ten teenagers, who were allegedly drunk, started fighting while shocked tourists watched on in Amnat Charoen province on March 2.

The scuffle started between the youngsters who were occupying the same rental rafts at a resort in the Mekong river.

At first, only a few of them were fighting, until all of them started to beat up each other even after some of them had fallen into the water.

The raft wobbled in the water and swayed in the water from the unruly crowd.

Chayanan Sangkathip, who was having lunch with his family during the brawl, said several of the youngsters were wounded after the fight.

He said: ‘We were all confused, they arrived happy and appeared to be partying. The next thing we know they are all fighting.’

Some of those who were involved in the fight immediately left before the resort staf arrived, while the others who were still there were treated for their wounds.

Those who remained paid for the damage to raft and apologised to the owner.

However, Chayanan said that the cause of the fight was unknown but it could be a misunderstanding because the youngsters were drunk.

He said: ‘We don’t know why they fought. It may be because they were drunk. If you will drink, you should be able to control yourself.’