Thai man died from electric shock after playing on phone while it was charging


A Thai worker was found dead after suffering a suspected electric shock from playing on his phone while it was charging.

Sopon Wongsa, 43, was discovered lying on his mattress while holding a phone plugged into an extension cord in Bangkok, Thailand on February 25.

His cousin, Tiknoi Wongsa, 45, went to his rented apartment after he missed work at an ice cream stall where they were both employed.

Tiknoi called on his cousin but he wasn’t answering so he looked through the windows to see what he was doing.

However, the close relative became worried as Sopon was still not responding despite him shouting repeatedly.

As the doors were locked, he could not enter the room so he called the emergency services.

Police broke through the door and the paramedics declared him dead immediately after checking.

Sopon was not wearing a shirt and was phone touched his body directly while it was plugged in. Police said that from the initial investigations at the scene they believe Sopon died from electrocution.

Sopon’s cousin also told the officers that his relative did not have any underlying health conditions so he was surprised that his relative suddenly died.

Tiknoi said: ‘My cousin was healthy. He was very strong. This accident is so unlucky. I don’t know how it happened, because he used his phone every day. Why did it just happen to him now?’

Police lieutenant colonel Supadson said: ‘The power cord where the phone was plugged appeared to be of substandard quality.

‘The room also did not have any sign of forced entry so we are investigating the most likely cause that the man died from electrocution caused by his phone.’

The worker’s body was taken to the Siriraj Hospital for a post-mortem examination to find the cause of death.