Stray dog saved after being hit by train and left to die on frozen tracks


This is the moment a group of volunteers come to the aid of a stray dog that was hit by a train and spent several days trapped in ice next to the tracks.

A train driver caught sight of the injured dog by the train tracks in the city of Krasnoyarsk located in the central Russian region of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

The driver notified a local group of volunteers who boarded a train and headed to the distressed animal which had reportedly spent several days by the tracks.

In the footage, volunteers are seen carefully chipping away at the thick ice that apparently kept the injured animal trapped by the tracks.

After freeing the dog’s limbs, they wrap the animal in a blanket and offer it some food which it unsurprisingly gobbles down having spent days without food and water.

According to local media, the volunteers took the dog for a check-up at a local veterinary clinic. 

The vet operated on the animal after finding it had suffered several pelvic fractures.

As seen in the other clips, the dog is now recovering from its ordeal at an animal shelter.