Woman rescues starving stray dog that has its head stuck inside jar for two days

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ov2pgp2lagakp49/VRP15134.mp4?dl=0

A kind woman rescued a starving stray dog that had its head stuck inside a jar for at least two days

Footage shows the hapless pooch running on the roadside with the plastic container over its head in Pathum Thani province, Thailand on February 6.

Rescue volunteer Kanoknuch Panngoen said they were called to assist the dog in distress.

Upon arrival, Kanoknuch and her colleagues had difficulty catching the frantic pooch.

She said: ‘The dog was too scared, it took three people to catch the dog. We have to put numbing cream to the dog to finally remove its head from the jar.’

Kanoknuch and her brother then slowly dragged away the container, finally setting the pooch free after days of not eating.

She said: ‘The pooch was starving, that must have been the reason it stuck its head into the jar.’

The dog now lives at the end of Kanoknuch’s street and is being fed everyday.