Dog rescued after getting head stuck in car wheel


A pet dog had to be rescued after she was found with her head stuck in a car wheel.

The curious three-month-old pooch, named Oleang, was chasing a rat in the backyard when she poked her head inside the wheel in Ayutthaya province, Thailand on March 2.

Pattarapon Anantapol, the white female pooch’s owner, heard his dog whimpering loudly so he went out to check.

The pet owner was shocked when he found Oleang struggling to remove her head out of the small hole in the middle of the wheel.

He said the dog appeared exhausted when he found her and was probably stuck there after chasing a rat.

Pattarapon said: ‘She probably was stuck in the wheel because she’s a really naughty dog. She also likes to chase rats around the house.’

The owner tried to free the pooch by himself, but the animal’s head was too big for the hole so he called the rescuers for help.

The rescue team brought a power cutting tool to widen the gap around the dog’s neck while she stood still allowing the rescuers to help her.

After almost half an hour, the wheel was removed around the pooch’s neck before she was given fresh water and food.

Rescuer Panya Choomanee said pet owners should be careful because dogs are naturally curious pets.

He said: ‘Dogs likes to play with things around the house so owners should be aware of that.

‘Helping this one out was easy because it was calm and did not resist us while we cut parts of the wheel.’