Clever cat saves himself from floods by climbing up garden fence in Indonesia


This is the amazing moment a clever cat saved himself from floods in Indonesia.

The moggie was seen drifting in the water after heavy rain caused flash floods that submerged a village in Bekasi on February 21.

Resident Alma Asyifa was looking outside the window to check how high the water was when she saw the stray floating.

Alma worried that the cat would drown and was thinking of coming down to the chest-deep deluge to help him.

However, the smart cat allowed himself to be swept by the current until he saw a metal gate.

The animal then swam towards it and jumped to the top, saving himself from the flash flood.

Alma said the cat climbed onto the roof of the house where it stayed for around three hours to rest before leaving.

She said: ‘We throw pieces of bread for it to eat while it stayed there but it had already left.

‘This cat is a fighter and a survivor. As I watched him I prayed that he would survive, and fortunately, he was able to save himself.’

Several districts in Bekasi were submerged in floods reaching up to 5ft-high after torrential rains battered the country last month.