Bungling thief caught after being identified by Beatles-inspried ‘All You Need Is Love’ t-shit

Pictures: FTP

A bungling thief was caught after being identified by his Beatles-inspired t-shirt with the message ‘All You Need Is Love’.

Ly Pay, 30, was seen on CCTV breaking into the home in Kandal province, Cambodia on February 26.

The shocked owner Phan Thy, 27, immediately recognised his top with the world-famous lyric from the 1967 hit from the Fab Four’s Magical Mystery Tour album.

Cops started searching for the burglar and found him at a nearby apartment. He had the same t-shirt in his laundry as was seen in the CCTV evidence, which police immediately used to match him to the crime.

Ly confessed and was remanded in custody at the police station.

House owner Phan said the shirt helped him find who had broken into his house.

He said: ‘The intruder’s facial features were quite common and I did not recognise him. But the t-shirt was distinctive. I’m glad I have CCTV cameras installed because without them, we could not catch him.’

Phan said the burglar was loitering around the property before noticing the gates were closed. He then climbed over the fence and searched the yard for valuables before picking up a box of hand tools.

Before leaving with his loot, he also peeked through the windows and walked around more.

Phan, who works as a security guard, noticed the tools were missing so he checked the security camera facing his home.

Phan then filed a complaint at the Takmao City police station to search for the thief until they found Ly who had similar features.

A police report stated: ‘The suspect Ly Pay was shown the video evidence of him and the matching clothes. He admitted stealing tools and charged with burglary. He will be sentenced at the provincial court.’