Massive 100 kg python caught outside home in Thailand


This is the shocking moment a massive 100 kg python was caught outside a house in Thailand.

Porntip Rasksasil, 54, was clearing the grass at the back of his home to plant banana trees when he found the creature in Chonburi, Thailand on March 1.

The 20ft-long reptile slithered slowly among the leaves and tried to escape so he rushed to call his neighbours for help.

Eight villagers struggled to corner the wild animal that sneaked back to a hole in the ground believed to be its nest.

After almost half an hour, they were able to pull it out and secure inside a cage made of steel wires and wood that the farmer used to house his chickens.

They called the animal rescuers to retrieve the snake, who caught the beast and released it in the forest far from the village. It weighed 100kg.

The farmer said he had first spotted the snake three days before it was caught (February 25) but it quickly fled.

He said: ‘I already saw it before but it was gone before I had the chance to catch it.

‘I did not know then that it was that big because I only had a glimpse because it was too fast.’

Despite the huge snake being taken away, the farmer added he still worried as it may have an equally enormous mate hiding nearby.

He said ‘I think the snake has a wife somewhere because it had a nest. It wouldn’t nest here if it can’t mate.

‘I’ve never seen a snake this big before! It looked like it was out of a movie. I couldn’t believe my eyes.’