Kind firefighter revives injured sparrow that flew into glass


This is the heartwarming moment an off-duty firefighter revived a motionless sparrow after it crashed into the glass of a balcony and then dropped onto the pavement.

The incident took place in the city of Aydin in the Turkish province of the same name on Monday (March 1).

The video shows the sparrow lying on its side on the pavement as the firefighter identified as Murat Sivrioglu presses its little chest area.

The scene cuts to the bird standing up, gathering its bearings, and enjoying a friendly stroke from the firefighter who saved its life.

The clip ends with the sparrow running into the shade under a parked car, apparently fully revived.

Firefighter Murat Sivrioglu said: ‘I am 32 years old, working as a firefighter in Aydin, Turkey.

‘I love my job. We encounter such situations very often. While I was on my way to the market, I saw the sparrow lying still on the road.

‘I thought I could help it if I would give it a heart massage with my fingers. The more I massaged, the faster it recovered. Then it just flew away. The sparrow was looking better. I felt definitely proud of myself and was happy for the bird.’

Aydin City is located in Turkey’s Aegean Region in the lower valley of the Buyuk Menderes River, extending from the uplands of the valley down to the coast.