Driver gets stuck after taking new car for a spin on the beach


A bungling driver was stuck in the sand after taking his new car for a spin on the beach.

Wattanapong Kulpakdee, 23, drove his silver Toyota car on Laem Charoem beach before the incident happened in Rayong province, Thailand on February 20.

The car owner excitedly revved his new ride through the summer destination until one of his wheels dug deep on the wet ground.

He tried to reverse the vehicle away from the shore but his left rear wheel only sunk deeper into the sand.

Some of the beachgoers also approached to help him remove the car on the sand by pushing and taking the sand off the wheels.

However, the frantic driver the sea level starting to rise as the sun sets so he decided to call the rescue staff for help.

When the rescuers arrived, they placed a solid platform on one of the wheels before seven people, the rescuers and beachgoers, pushed the car off the loose soil.

The operation took more than an hour before the car was saved from the sand.

Rescue staff informed the driver to be more careful next time he drives around the beach.

One of those involved in retrieving the vehicle, Kunanon Rattana, said: ‘This is not a suitable place to test drive a vehicle. If we took a longer time, the waves would have hit the car and caused it to be pulled to the sea.’