Bride and float through flood to get married in Indonesia


A bride and groom defied monsoon rains to reach their wedding – floating down the aisle in waist-deep floods.

Footage shows the couple being ferried on two separate tubs through the submerged village in Mampang area, South Jakarta, Indonesia, on February 20.

Supportive relatives waded through the deluge while holding the tubs so the pair could reach their ceremony on time by floating in the water.

The bride wearing a traditional gown held a Mickey Mouse umbrella to prevent her makeup from being ruined by the lightly pouring rain.

The couple initially planned to ride rubber boats with their families, but they weren’t available as they were being used for rescue missions.

Their neighbour, Windy Satria, who saw the family’s procession, said the couple successfully reached the mosque to exchange vows.

He said: ‘I am happy for them and congratulated them after the wedding. Not even the flood could stop their love for each other.’

Windy added that their village was prone to flood as it was near a river but there were no available rubber boats that time so they resorted to using plastic tubs.

He said: ‘We are used to the flooding here. It is bothersome but we live near the river so we expect it every year. I hope a plan is underway so it doesn’t affect us too much during storms.’

Several areas near the Mampang river was submerged in up to 4ft-deep water after they were battered by heavy rains.