Buffalo rescued after falling through wooden floor and getting stuck on beam

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vi2683gj6mauie/VRP15476.mp4?dl=0

A water buffalo was rescued after it fell through the gaps of a wooden floor where it was stuck.

Footage shows the hapless animal’s body hanging on a beam while its four legs were stuck under the holes on the floor in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand on March 2.

The five-year-old female buffalo was eating grass in the backyard when she wandered into the back kitchen of a home where a well was hidden underneath.

The house was old and the floorboards were damaged so they gave way when the heavy buffalo walked inside.

Sakorn, who was working at the house where the animal was stuck, called the rescuers when he heard the buffalo crying.

He said the buffalo was taken in by the family as a pet after it was saved from the slaughterhouse as a baby.

Sakorn said: ‘This buffalo is special for the house owners and treat it as a pet. Sometimes, it likes to try and enter the house through the back but this time it was stuck.’

When the animal rescuers arrived, they tied a leash on the buffalo’s neck to guide it forward.

Other volunteers put slanted planks near the buffalo’s legs so it could step on them and climb out of the hole.

After almost half an hour, the rescuers were able to help lift the animal out of the hole using the planks.

One of the rescuers said: ‘The buffalo was lucky that the floorboard had a metal base so it did not fall on the water below. It could have drowned if it was purely made from wood.’

The house owners thanked the rescuers and the buffalo returned to the backyard while the back kitchen was locked to prevent it from entering again.