Cobra caught under terrified woman’s wooden bed


A 10ft-long deadly cobra was caught hiding under a family’s bed in Thailand.

Aree Khanthongnak, 62, heard some strange sounds under her wooden bed shortly after she woke up in Chanthaburi province on March 2.

The pensioner lived next to a fruit orchard so she was used to some animals wandering into her home. However, when the old woman bent down, she was shocked to see a huge black cobra curled up right under where her head rested on the bed.

She rushed out of the house and shouted for her neighbours to help who and they called the emergency services.

When the rescue team arrived, they first inspected the bed and found the snake still under there.

The reptile was clinging into one of the bed’s leg attempting to hide from the men flashing a torch onto it.

As they lured it out, the defiant snake aggressively hissed at the rescuers while tring to attack them.

One of the rescue volunteers, Sipek Nattapol, used a metal hook to pin the animal’s head down and then grab its body out of the bed.

The brave rescuer slowly pulled the long snake until he was able to secure its head using bare hands.

The rescue operation took almost half an hour before the snake was captured.

Relieved house owner Aree thanked the rescuers before they drove away and released the snake back into the wild.

She said: ‘The snake could have bitten me if I didn’t hear it. I’m glad it didn’t hurt me and it was not hurt as well.’