Terrifying moment landslide crashes onto road just yards from an oncoming car during Malaysia storms

This is the terrifying moment a landslide blocked mountain roads after heavy rain in Malaysia.

Driver Mohd Faeez was travelling with his family when tonnes of earth gave way and toppled down the mountainside in Kuala Lumpur on January 3.

Motorists were stranded while they waited for rescue teams to arrive on the road from Raub to Bukit Fraser, but the services were already stretched due to floods and storms from the northeast monsoon.

Mohd said: ‘While descending from the Fraser Hill route, I found that there were fallen trees and landslides that prevented the exit. At that time there were 30 vehicles blocked and I went down to see the situation.’

Heavy rain and flash floods have swept through parts of Malaysia as the annual northeast monsoon wreaks havoc.

In Pahang state, at least one person has died and tens of thousands more have been evacuated to relief centres.

Malaysia’s National Disaster Management Agency said that the number of flood victims was increasing even though the downpour, which lasted for a few days, had already eased up.

The floods, which happen annually, are caused by the northeast monsoon but the severity varies each year. In 2013 the floods killed three people and affected more than 40,000 people acrosss the state.