Student caught having a shower during online Zoom lesson

This is the hilarious moment a hapless student was caught showering during an online class in Thailand.

The grade nine student, Pantakhan Seesod, 15, took his mobile phone into the bathroom thinking the Thai language lessons were over.

But after beginning his morning routine, the trainee teacher, Noppadol Khongkoon, 23, asked the students to switch on their camera for a roll call at the end of class.

Fearful of losing attendance, Phantakhan switched on his front camera and answered his name after being called.

Footage shows the student brushing his teeth and gurgling while showing a thumbs up after being asked if he was listening to the teacher via Zoom in Bangkok on January 4.

Teacher Noppadol said: ‘Maybe I’d make an amazing teacher, my students went to the extent of listening to what I’m telling them, even while they showering.’

Schools and universities have been closed in Thailand again this month after the second wave of Covid-19 cases erupted, with hundreds of new infections a day.

Ministers have ordered sweeping closures of bars, restaurants, gyms, massage shops and other ‘high risk’ venues across the country. Travelling between different provinces is discouraged though a full lockdown is yet to be implemented. 

Thailand has recorded 8,966 Covid-19 infections and 65 deaths. Many of the new infections have been traced to an outbreak among Burmese migrants workers at a large seafood market in Samut Sakhon province, near the capital Bangkok.