Kind resident saves puppy stuck between narrow spaces of her metal fence


A kind local saved a puppy whose head was stuck between the narrow spaces of her fence.

Sharon Dulay Catian heard the pooch whimpering outside her home in La Union province, the Philippines, on February 20.

At first, she thought he was a puppy from her dog’s litter, but found out he was her neighbour’s naughty pet.

To help the puppy, she took out a steel file which she used to cut the wire fence and widen the gap.

After almost half an hour, Sharon and her family members were able to cut the wire and free the puppy.

Sharon said the dog might have been lost and tried to sneak in at night looking for food but its body was too big for the fence’s hole.

She said: ‘Maybe he was lost and tried to sneak in the hole in the fence because it was dark in the yard. I’m relieved I heard him and he was saved.’

They returned the little pooch to his owners who thanked them for helping the animal.