Car spins out-of-control after crash and hits motorcycle oncomig rider


A car spun out-of-control and crashed into a motorcycle rider after a vehicle clipped it while making a turn.

Dashcam footage shows how another car pulled out from the side of the road directly into its path before hitting it in Pathum Thani, Thailand, on January 19.

Frantic women were heard shouting in the background as the car spun and drifted before crashing onto a motorbike.

As the car came to a stop, a motorcycle rider hit the bonnet and was flung over his handlebars.

Onlookers rushed to help the people inside the car as the door could not be opened.

They were able to help out two women including the driver, a two-months-old baby, and a five-year-old boy.

Meanwhile, the rider was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for a broken leg injury but was now in a stable condition.

Speaking after the incident, the female driver said there were fragments of broken glass inside their car but they were unhurt including the children.

The driver said: ‘I want to thank the Good Samaritans who came to our aid and helped the children in the car. The door could not be opened and the air conditioner was broken in the crash.’

Police officers are still investigating the cause of the crash and had taken the dashcam footage as evidence.