Pickup truck overloaded with fifteen water tanks wobbles along highway

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kuuka15mxcxlsie/VRP15918.mp4?dl=0

A pickup truck overloaded with FIFTEEN water tanks was seen driving across a highway in central Thailand.

The bungling driver tied the metal tanks covered in blue plastic at the back of his truck before travelling in Suphan Buri province on January 18 afternoon.

The vehicle wobbled as its heavy cargo leaned towards the left lane of the road.

Motorist Wanchana Chaichatree said the pickup truck eventually made a turn but it did not flip over during the time it was driving in front of him.

He said: ‘It looked dangerous. I don’t understand why he would carry so many tanks. If the pickup truck flipped over, it would only be the driver’s fault for allowing this.’