Disgruntled ex-employee wipes her dirty underpants on shopfront

This is the bizarre moment a disgruntled ex-employee wiped her dirty underpants on a shopfront.

Nongrak Panumatpasorn was first seen by neighbours rubbing her shoes on the metal shutters of the shop in Chonburi, Thailand, during the last week of December.

The concerned neighbours told shop owner Thanawan Puma, 38, about the incident when she returned from holiday this week and she started carefully reviewing the CCTV recordings since.

To Thanawan’s dismay, her ex-employee had come back with a plastic bag of used knickers which she was seen wiping all over the gate on New Year’s Day (January 1).

The shop owner reviewed the footage and found the woman routinely coming three times a day to wipe shoes and dirty underpants on the gate.

Shockingly, Nongrak and her other staff would touch the same surfaces.

Thanawan reported the incident to the police and submitted the video as evidence.

The shopkeeper said Nongrak had been working for her for three years until she quit last month (December).

Thanawan said: ‘Nongrak often left her work undone and caused customers to become upset.

‘There were several instances where customers complained because of her poor attitude.’

Thanawan added that she had no idea why Nongrak was wiping their gate with dirty materials, but she was concerned about its health risks to her staff and customers during the pandemic.

She said: ‘I am scared that it would leave some germs, especially since there’s Covid-19 now.’

Police visited Nongrak’s house to interview her but she was not there and her relatives refused to say where she was. Police have been unable to find her.

The worried shop owner is yet to decide whether she wants to file a complaint against her ex-employee.