Summer storm damages hundreds of homes in Thailand


Hundreds of homes were damaged after a summer storm hit parts of Thailand over the weekend.

The storm left more than 500 homes and 395 acres of farmlands damaged it in Sukhothai province on March 6.

Trees were blown over and electrical posts lining the road have fallen causing a massive power outage in the province.

Nikul Amtim, 48, said strong winds suddenly battered their village which ripped his house.

He said: ‘At around 6:30 p.m., it was raining when the strong wind came. My house was damaged but I hid inside a room which fortunately withstood the storm.’

Meanwhile, farmer Boonsom Wangsuk, 65, was about to harvest his corn when the storm destroyed his crops.

He said: ‘I invested a lot of money on my farm to make sure that this season’s harvest would be good, but my hard work was gone within a few hours.’

Rescue team members spent hours clearing debris and fallen trees to make roads passable again.

Officials are still surveying and evaluating the extent of damage, but relief aid had already been taken to affected families.

The Thai Meteorological Department said summer thunderstorms with gusty winds were caused by moderate high-pressure system covering the northeast of the country and the South China sea.