Thai schoolgirl, 16, electrocuted after playing games on phone while it was charging


A Thai schoolgirl died from a suspected electric shock after playing mobile games on her phone while it was charging.

Kornkamon Wongsrikaew, 16, was discovered by her brother when he woke up early in the morning in Rayong province, Thailand on March 4.

She was lying on the bed holding her phone and had burn marks on her wrist.

The panic-stricken brother shouted for help after he checked on her and she appeared to have stopped breathing.

Penrujee Wongsrikaew, the teen’s mother, rushed to the room to see what was happening and called the emergency services. When the rescuers arrived, paramedics attempted to revive the girl with CPR but when she did not respond, they took her to the hospital.

Doctors at the Rayong Hospital confirmed she was unresponsive and declared her dead.

Police officers visited the family’s home to investigate. The grieving mother, Penrujee, told them her daughter had electrocuted by the ‘worn out’ charger.

She said: ‘The charger was worn out and had been broken for a long time. I told her several times before to stop using it but she didn’t listen.

‘I believe that the charger caused a shock which electrocuted her. I want my daughter back.

‘She was like any girl and loved playing games on her phone and chatting to her friends.’

The girl’s body was taken for a post-mortem examination to ascertain the cause of death before she was returned to her family for a funeral rite.

Dozens of classmates, friends, and teachers attended the funeral ceremony held the next day (March 5) and paid tribute to the ‘kind-hearted and jolly girl’.

Investigations are still ongoing pending the release of the girl’s autopsy results.