Giant king cobra caught in southern Thailand


A giant 10ft-long king cobra sparked panic after it rampaged into a house in southern Thailand.

Boontaen Butrit, 55, fled the kitchen when he saw the snake slithering through the door in Krabi province on March 5.

The cheeky reptile went straight for the food shelf where it had stayed hidden among the bottles until the rescuers arrived.

Footage shows the skillful snake wrangler using a pole with a hook to secure the wild animal.

The snake resisted despite being caught with the pole so some of the food supplies fell onto the floor as the rescuer struggled to pull it out.

When the rescuer finally grabbed the snake by the neck, he slowly went outside the house with it.

He was preparing to leave when he noticed some parasitic ticks stiking on the 4kg snake’s head.

The rescuer said the parasites would have to be removed and treated on the wildlife centre first before the snake could be released.

He said: ‘The snake will have to be treated for the parasites to make sure it will be healthy after release.’

The kind rescuer added that the drought during the summer could have forced the snake to search for food near houses.

He said: ‘It is hot so the snakes find the houses a suitable place to live because it provides shelter, food, and water. Residents should be alert always.’