Friendly wild boar walks over to passing hiker to be petted


A friendly wild boar walked over to a passing hiker so he could be petted.

The animal – a notoriously fierce type of pig – was sniffing the ground for food when he came across the human in Singapore on February 12.

The man, Fred Chen Tan sweetly talked to the boar and asked it to sleep before the animal laid on its side while enjoying being petted.

Fred said he used to live in a rural village in Thailand so he was used to seeing all sorts of wildlife.

He said: ‘I am used to seeing wild animals but not all of them are friendly. Some could be very aggressive.

‘I have even seen animals that attacked people near them as self-defense so we still better to stay away and not hurt them.’

After a few moments, Fred said goodbye to the boar he named ‘David’ and it returned to looking for food in the forest area.