Floods fill road tunnel after heavy rain in northeastern Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5y2ijowso6yab5c/VRP16875.mp4?dl=0

A road tunnel in northeastern Thailand was flooded after the region was hit by a summer storm forcing residents to wade through muddy water on bike or foot.

Two hours of heavy rain submerged the tunnel in Surin province on March 8.

The deluge affected several students who takes the route to their school so parents had to drive through a dangerous road to continue the classes.

Authorities had to drain the water with a pump before the road became passable again.

Some students were later able to ride their bicycles through the water while the crossed with bare feet.

Siripond Manyuen, 38, one of the parents, said they were concerned about the children’s safety and urged officials to take care of the issue as the rainy season approaches.

She said: ‘I know this could be even worse once the rainy season has started. I am worried about the safety of the children. I hope they do something about it.’

The tunnel was reportedly the only one in the area that had no drainage system so the water is trapped after heavy rain.

Summer storms in Thailand’s northeastern region were caused by a high-pressure area from China and the southerly wind together with the southeasterly wind.