Aggressive dog chases schoolgirl and bites her


A Thai schoolgirl was rushed to the hospital after she was bitten by a dog that had been trying to attack her every day on the way to school.

CCTV footage shows the scared youngster running away from the animal after it appeared from an alley in Phuket province, Thailand on March 10.

Panidnan Saelim, 15, shouted for help but the agile dog caught up to her before concerned onlookers found her bleeding on the pavement.

She was taken to a nearby hospital to treat the wounds on her left leg before she was given an anti-rabies shot as a precaution.

The student claimed that the Thai Bangkaew dog had been causing her and some of her classmates problems as it was aggressive and would never let people pass by the house without chasing them.

She said: ‘I never saw the owner chain the dog whenever people pass by. There are many students like me who take that route to school.’

Chotika Kansuya, the girl’s mother, said she was shocked when she received a call that her daughter was injured and asking her to come.

She said: ‘I feel sorry for my daughter. The dog’s owner offered to take us to the hospital but I refused. He gave me his contact details so I could contact him later.

‘I just hope that he would watch his dogs carefully after this so that no one else could be hurt by his aggressive dogs.’

After the incident, other parents who claimed their children were attacked by the man’s dogs have also reported their complaints to the police.

Police officers went to the man’s house to interview him, but the pet owner said that he always chained his three dogs but one of them always gets loose.

He said the female dog that always escaped was very territorial but friendly outside the house’s area.

The CCTV camera’s owner, who runs an apartment building on the corner of the road, said he will submit the other videos to the police showing the dogs chasing other students walking up to school.

Public health officials have also visited the location for an inspection and found that the three dogs were out wandering without their owner.

Investigations on the incident are still ongoing.