Thai boy breathes with tooting sound after swallowing toy whistle attached to balloon


A Thai boy was saved by doctors after he started breathing with whistleblowing noise due to a toy stuck in his throat.

Footage shows the four-year-old making the soft toot sound each time he breathed in and out in Yala province, Thailand on March 5.

The hapless youngster had accidentally swallowed the 15cm-long toy whistle attached to a balloon after blowing on it too hard earlier that day.

His parents found him crying and pointing to his neck before hearing the whistle noise which prompted them to rush the boy to the hospital.

The frantic couple explained what happened to their son before he was taken for an x-ray examination to find where the whistle was lodged.

Dr Krissanaporn Jirawarakul, from the Yala Hospital, said the toy was stuck on the boy’s trachea, or his windpipe but fortunately, the toy did not fully block the airway or he could have suffocated.

She said: ‘Toys these days are strange and dangerous. He was blowing on the whistle balloon too hard and it went into his throat.

‘Fortunately, it did not block his airways or it could have been dangerous if he started to become suffocated.’

The whistle irritates the walls of the boy’s throat so he had been coughing but aside from that, no other serious injuries were caused by the toy.

The doctor gave him a dose of anesthetic before removing the toy from her patient’s trachea using medical tongs within 20 minutes.

The boy rested at the hospital while the medicines are still in his system and when he woke up, medics asked him to make the whistle sound again but it was gone.

Dr Krissanaporn said: ‘He was lucky that the toy was not stuck too deep into his throat so we only needed a tool to grip it. We asked him to whistle again but it was gone, he appeared to be slightly disappointed that his special talent was gone.’

The boy was allowed home later that day and had warned his parents not to allow the boy play with choking hazard toys again.