Two pythons found mating inside garden pot


An elderly Thai farmer was shocked after finding two pythons mating inside a garden pot.

Boonsri Kaensab, 57, was about to take some water from the large ceramic jar on her farm when she found the reptiles intertwined on March 7.

The woman slowly put back the jar’s cover to avoid startling the animals as she feared they would become aggressive if interrupted.

She then rushed home to call her neighbours and rescuers for help in relocating the wild animals in Ang Thong province, central Thailand.

When the rescuers arrived, they found the two snakes still at the wet bottom of the 2ft-high jar on their mating ritual. The team decided to catch the huge snakes separately using a pole with a noose at the end.

They first pulled out the bigger one, which was 13ft-long, but it was aggressive and tried to attack the rescuers.

It resisted the noose but was eventually caught and pulled out from the jar. Four rescuers had to help each other place it inside a sack as it was trying to escape.

The second snake – a bit shorter than its mate at 12ft-long – was calm and did not resist after its neck was locked between the catching tongs before it was placed inside a separate sack.

The relieved farmer thanked the rescuers for evacuating the wild snakes from her farm before they drove away with it to be released later.

Boonsri said: ‘When I peeked into the jar, I noticed immediately that one of them was ready to attack so I ran for my life. They appeared to have been mating in my jar. I am relieved they were out of my property now.’