Cat rescued after being found impaled on metal railing


A cat was rescued after she was impaled on the pointy edge of a steel fence outside a house in Thailand.

The feline was heard screaming by the owner of the house before he found the injured animal hanging on his backyard railings in Chonburi province, Thailand on March 6.

The two-year-old female cat’s left hind leg was skewered on the fence so she had to keep half of her lower body up for hours before she was found.

The cat had a collar on her neck but the house owner did not know who the owner was so he called the animal rescuers instead.

When the rescuers arrived, one of the rescuers used a platform to reach the cat before he slowly pulled up the cat from the fence.

Fortunately, there were no bones or organs punctured by the fence and only her skin and muscles were caught on the metal object so the team was able to easily remove her.

A towel was used to cover the moggie to prevent her from panicking before she was placed inside a cage and transported to the veterinary clinic to receive treatment for her wound.

The rescue mission only lasted ten minutes and the relieved home owner said he hopes that the cat would be reunited with her owner soon.

He said: ‘I heard cat noise but didn’t take it seriously at first. So I told my dogs to stop yapping. But when I was about to take my dogs out for walking, I saw a cat stuck on the fence post.

‘I am thankful to the rescuers for their help, I hope they are able to find the cat’s owner. I tried to remove the cat on my own but it appeared to be hurt and I did not want to injure it further.