Crew from passing ship rescue fisherman whose boat capsized


This is moment crew from a passing ship rescued a fisherman floating in the sea in the Philippines.

Boat captain Andy Rogon said that his second officer Garry Boy Adoyo saw the fisherman and radioed from the Montenegro Shipping Lines vessel for help near Balesin Island on March 9.

After successfully pulling the fisherman from the water, crew members gave him a blanket and applied first aid.

The man was identified as a resident of Polillo, Quezon, and 34-years-old. He said his wooden fishing boat had capsized earlier in the day during choppy seas. He is believed to have been floating in the ocean for several hours.

Captain Rogon said: ‘We are from Real Port and as we were approaching Balesin Island we saw a fisherman asking for help so we immediately took action to save his life.’

The fisherman thanked the crew members for saving his life. He was immediately turned over to the head villager of the Balesin Island.