Man sparks outrage after saving lizard from snake and ‘interfering with nature’

A man sparked outrage after saving a lizard from a snake and ‘interfering with nature.’

The green snake had caught a skink lizard and was coiled around it when onlookers found them at Yishun Park, Singapore.

Onlooker Verity Popovic said the man jumped off his bike and soaked the snake in water before beating it with a stick causing it to release its meal.

He said: ‘A snake was peacefully tucking into his hard-earned meal, a skink. This little fella built up quite the crowd who watched in amazement at nature taking its course.

‘However, one disgruntled uncle was having none of it. The middle-aged man then turned to the audience to complain why no one was doing anything to stop this.

‘The distraught mothers desperately tried to gather their children to safety and politely asked the man to stop as they were unsure if this snake was a threat to humans.

‘Rather than stopping, the man picked up a stick and shouted at everyone to ‘get back.’ He proceeded to beat the snake with a stick, causing the snake to let go of his well-earned meal and retreat to the bushes.’