Hilarious moment startled toddler accidentally pets a huge FROG instead of his dog

This is the hilarious moment a boy jumped in shock after realising he petted a frog that hopped into his house – instead of his dog.

The toddler, named Samuel, was relaxing on the living room floor with his family when the frog came running inside in Aguazul, Colombia.

Samuel, four, felt something nudge his back and assumed it was his pet puppy so reached round for the fluffy mutt.

However, it was actually a wild amphibian which has dashed into the home to escape a storm outside on March 17.

Samuel touched the frog and stroked it briefly before registering its slimy skin – jumping up in fright alongside his father.

When he realised it was a slimy little creature, Samuel jumped away in shock surprising his father as well.

Amused mother Jessik Jhoana Duarte, who only recently revealed the video, said: ‘My bow is terrified of amphibians. They are his least favourite creature.

‘I was in the kitchen when I heard him shouting he thought it was his pet but when he touched the skin, he was freaking out.’