Jealous Thai man stabs ex-girlfriend to death at dental clinic


A jealous Thai man allegedly stabbed his dental nurse ex-girlfriend to death at a clinic after she refused to meet him on her lunch break.

Ratchasak Chernphueng, 34, stormed into the dentist’s shop where her ex worked to try and patch things up after a month of being separated in Ratchaburi province, Thailand.

However, Kaewmorakot Netniem, 38, refused to leave with him and told him that she was seeing another man at lunch.

Desperate to keep her Ratchasak out of her workplace, the pretty dental assistant made her ex listen to a phone call with another man, who claimed was her new lover, while they argued on the second floor of the clinic on March 9.

The phone call allegedly infuriated the jealous man and he allegedly flew into a rage, stabbing the woman several times with a knife until she collapsed on the floor soaked in blood.

However, investigations showed that the dental assistant was only trying to trick Ratchasak into believing that she had a new boyfriend and was actually her ex-husband.

Police Colonel Thanoo Huabprasert said: ‘The other clinic staff informed us that the woman was calling her ex-husband who was in jail when Ratchasak came.

‘She wanted him to leave by pretending to have a new lover. He then said the woman cheated on him and stabbed her with his knife.’

The woman’s colleagues were shocked upon seeing her dead body while Ratchasak sat on the corner waiting for the police to arrive.

They called the officers immediately and fled the building in case the man turned aggressive and hurt them.

His aunt, Kannika Ketram, 62, said her nephew loved the woman so much and was only carried away by his emotions.

She said: ‘They met on Facebook and were together for a year. The woman was separated from her first husband with three kids. My nephew helped her get a job at the clinic. A month ago, they separated after having some fights.’

Ratchasak was taken to the police station and remanded in custody after he allegedly admitted murdering his ex.

Police Colonel Thanoo Huabprasert added: ‘We are preparing charges against the suspect of murdering another person. He carried a 10cm-long knife with him when he went to the clinic so we believe he intended to murder his ex due to their emotional situation.’