Cheeky dog steals show after walking onto stage during dance performance


A cheeky dog stole the show after he walked onto the stage during a dance performance in Thailand.

Footage shows the traditional Thai troupe performing their routine while the pooch walked below at a university in Buriram province on March 9.

Some of the audience were distracted and turned their attention to the white dog named Boh as the performers continued their choreography.

Students at the Buriram Rajabhat University are familiar with the dog, which wandered around the campus. So when the dancers gathered on stage to thank the audience and have their final bow, the dog joined the dance troupe.

Amused dancers sat in front of the stage as the emcees introduce them to spectators before the friendly dog joined to greet them.

After walking up to some of the dancers, the cheeky dog sat right in the middle of the dancers like it was taking centre stage while posing for pictures.

Sarawoot Jarianram, a 22-year-old student who was among those watching the performance, said: ‘The host tried to make the dog leave but Boh refused and continued sitting on the stage. It gave the visitors a big smile.’

Naruemon Chit-han, 48, a lecturer at the university, said: ‘Boh loves showing up everytime our university has events and likes to steal the spotlight.’