Thai family lives harmoniously with six bee hives on their home


A Thai family are living harmoniously with six giant bee hives on their home.

Footage shows thousands of bees resting on six huge nests while people walk below in Surat Thani province, Thailand on March 3.

Sangob Musikalak, the owner of the house, said the giant honey bees started to build their nests on the roof beams of a family home on October last year. The hives ballooned 24inches-wide and 12inches-long each.

The father said was worried at first because they had two children living with them who could be stung by the insects.

Sangob said: ‘I was afraid we could have problems with the bees. We tried to expel them naturally using sprays but they did not leave.

‘They lived peacefully around us and has never hurt anyone in my family so we let the nest grow.’

The house owner added that the clever bees placed their nests on spots where they would not be disturbed.

The bees first built two hives until they expanded to four more – with five of them on the front porch of the house while the other one sits right beside the light.

He said: ‘The insects did not want to leave us and further brought more members to their colony by building four more hives.’

As the colony grew, the house owner said strange things started to happen to their family so they now believe the bees are special.

He said: ‘I believe they bring us fortune. I have won the lottery twice since the bees came. They bring us luck so we welcome them in our home.’

Local official Somchai Chaiyod said these type of bees are normally found on top of tall trees, so having six of them in a house is rare.

He said: ‘These bees normally build hives on tall trees. Seeing their hive in a residential area is very rare. I hope the family are careful around them because their stings could hurt.’

Giant honey bees are the biggest among the bee species, measuring up to two centimetres.

They are typically aggressive with stings that can be extremely painful but could also provide honey with one of the best quality.