Two pet Pomeranians join owner on motorcycle taxi collecting customers


Two adorable pet Pomeranians go to work with their owner – joining him collecting passengers on his motorcycle taxi.

The fluffy pet pooches, both aged two, sit in the footwell of the white scooter while their master, Piak, ferries people around Bangkok, Thailand.

They’ve even had a special plastic chair fitted to the bike to keep them safe while weaving through the capital city’s bustling traffic jams.

Piak said yesterday (March 14) he brings his beloved dogs named Nong and Song to work with him as a motorcycle taxi rider because there’s nobody else to look after them during the day.

‘They’d be lonely at home on their own and the place I stay is only small,’ Piak said.

‘I bring them with me so they can be around people and meet my customers. They love them both.’

Motorcycle taxis are a relatively inexpensive way to travel short distance around the bustling city, with an average ride costing around 40 Baht (94 pence).