Homeless man makes handbags from old Coca Cola cans in Bangkok

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/491ao8rllszcqud/VRP17640.mp4?dl=0

A homeless man makes handbags from old Coca Cola cans.

The man, named Toi, collects the disused cans from bins, bars and clubs before setting to work on them in Bangkok, Thailand.

He first washes them with disinfectant and hot soapy water before removing the tops and bottoms – leaving only the flat sides.

A soft black faux-leather lining is then stuck to the inside with press studs while PVC tubing covers the sharp edges with high strength glue.

Toi then bends two flat sheets into shape to create the small-compartment handbag before straps are added.

‘The whole processes takes about an hour to make a single bag,’ Toi said.

The homeless man has been flooded with orders after a resident posted one on social media. He is now selling them through for 100 Baht (2.34GBP).

Toi added: ‘Making the bags keeps me busy in the day time and I can earn a little bit of money for food.’