Nerve-wracking motorcycle ride along narrow canal path in Bangkok


Nerve-wracking footage shows a scary motorcycle ride along a narrow canal path littered with dozens of hazards.

The popular route is used as a shortcut by dozens of scooter riders every day in Bangkok, Thailand. Taxi riders even take passengers along the concrete path on stilts.

At just 80cm wide, the crumbling pathway is built on hundreds of pillars over the stagnant canal home to snakes, monitor lizards, rats and leeches.

Some of the dangers on the ride include holes, protruding pieces of metal, low-hanging tress, people blocking the way, bridges, winding turns and piles of litter.

Passenger Max Wanitpong, who recorded the perilous ride on Monday (March 15), said: ‘I’m used to riding on motorcycles but it was still scary. The paths are not well maintained. I felt like I could fall at any moment.’

Hundreds of canals run through the Thai capital, which was once known as the Venice of the East. Homes are often found on either side of the water and ferries even use some of the canals to transport commuters around the city.