Walk through this fascinating slum alley in Bangkok, Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/62j5i22yx5rqt5i/VRP17648.mp4?dl=0

Fascinating footage shows a slum-like alleyway home to hundreds of people in Bangkok, Thailand.

The small side-street is hidden in the Ratchada area of the bustling Thai capital.

On either side of the narrow path are two rows of terraced single-storey homes. Each has just one room at the front, one at the back and a single bathroom.

Residents use gas stoves to cook their food – many of them doing it outside in the street. There are also dozens of street food cats and several tuk tuks congesting the alley.

Clothes are hung on racks and dried in front of the homes and people wash their pots and pans outside. Piles of rubbish also gather at the entrances to the small properties.

One resident said the cost of renting homes in the alleyway varies between 3,000 baht (97 USD) and 5,000 baht (162 USD). Several people often live in the same home to share the cost.

Many people living there work in factories, as drivers, street food sellers or other hand-to-mouth low wage professions.

Despite Thailand being the ninth richest country in Asia with a GDP of $509.2 Billion dollars – above Israel and the United Arab Emirates – the country has one of the highest rates of inequality and corruption in the world.