Girl, 6, killed and 28 others injured after school bus crashes in Thailand


A six-year-old girl was killed and 28 other children were injured after a school bus crashed in Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the vehicle flipping over and falling into a ditch in the middle of the road in Khon Kaen province, Thailand on March 12.

Passing motorists stopped to help the injured and called the paramedics for help. Medics tried to save six-year-old schoolgirl, Kanyalak Meena Waiyaphat, but she later died due to serious head injuries.

Police are now investigating the crash involving the modified pickup truck where the children travelled in the back as a makeshift schoolbus.

Her father, Kittichai Waiyaphat, said Kanyalak was sitting next to the driver, who was her uncle.

Kittichai said he and his wife were not angry with the driver as they understand it was an accident and the uncle loved their daughter.

He said: ‘I just feel really sad. My daughter was so lovely. She was fun and friendly. She brought love to our family. My heart is broken.’

Twenty-eight others were injured, including the driver, and were given first aid treatment on the scene before being rushed to the hospital.

Several parents came to the hospital to check on their children. Fourteen students were allowed to go home that day as they only had minor scratches while 14 others remained at the hospital.

Satit Khomkham, the 50-year-old driver, said he was taking the students home from school when he lost control of the vehicle while trying to overtake another car.

He said: ‘I lost control while driving, it has never happened before. I am devastated by the death of my niece. I usually take her to sit with me on the front seat as we were very close.’

Police arrived at the scene to investigate before questioning the driver about the incident. The driver had tested negative for illegal substances but he was still detained at the station for questioning on suspicion of reckless driving resulting in the death of a minor.