Obese monkey chained to a market stall being ‘killed with kindness’ as locals feed him junk food

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jly4hw3gtcl7x2l/VRP17863.mp4?dl=0

An obese monkey chained chained to a market stall in Thailand is being killed with kindness – fed sugary junk food by passersby like the late Uncle Fatty.

The three-year-old primate named ‘Godzilla’ was seen in the Min Buri district of Bangkok earlier this month. Visitors were crowding over the stall, attempting to feed the primate.

The chubby male monkey was wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt while tied to the stall and biting on a water bottle. It pushed away the hands of some of the people who tried to pet him.

Godzilla has sad echoes of the late ‘Uncle Fatty’, a wild monkey whose weight ballooned after gorging on junk food from passersby in Thailand in 2017. The primate was later sent to ‘fat camp’ but was last seen in June 2019 before going missing and presumed dead.

Shopkeeper Manop said she had adopted Godzilla when he was abandoned by a previous owner. She said she feeds the monkey and treats him well. However, she has not been able to keep his weight under control.

Manop said: ‘The rescue team found Godzilla when he was very small. And since he grew up being fed by humans, he does not know how to find food on his own in the wild.’

Godzilla now weighs more than 20 kgs – almost as heavy as Uncle Fatty, who tipped the scales at 27kg, and was believed to be between 10 and 15 years old.

Manop said her monkey exercises every morning but still remains fat. Godzilla also does not like to be touched by strangers and will start to behave wildly if it does not like the person.

She added: ‘I bring Godzilla with me to the market where I can look after him. I don’t like him to be on his own because he gets stressed.

‘A lot of people give Godzilla food but he only eats from people he likes. He’s very fussy and can get angry if he doesn’t like the person.’

While macaques normally weigh between eight and 10 kilos, Godzilla is already double the average weight for his species.