Kitten rescued after spending two days trapped in an abandoned well


A kitten was rescued after spending two days trapped at the bottom of a 33ft-deep abandoned well in Thailand.

Locals had been hearing the feline crying for two days before they realised there was a problem and discovered him inside the narrow hole in Phitsanulok province on February 24.

Saijai Limhun, 80, said she was cleaning her backyard when she noticed the strange sounds growing louder. She followed the noise and found the animal below the dried-up well.

The pensioner called the emergency services for help saving the kitten and rescuers arrived with safety gear and long ropes.

The team set up a pulley system over the well before a brave rescuer wearing safety gears and helmet rappelled down the deep hole while his colleagues supported the rope.

The rescue volunteer also wore a mask connected to an oxygen task to help him breathe under the tight and deep space.

Upon reaching the bottom, the rescuer took out a sack which he used to secure the cat inside before the other rescuers pulled them up.

The local who found the cat, Saijai, volunteered to adopt the kitten after it was given a first aid treatment by rescuers. It was named ‘Boon Rod’ by its new owner.

Saijai said: ‘This cat is a survivor so I would like to take care of it. We will live together in the house and I am glad I have found a new companion.’

The pensioner placed her new pet inside a cage in the meantime as it rehabilitates from the traumatic experience and thanked the rescuers for their assistance.