Locals worship ‘lucky’ cow born with five legs in Thailand

Superstitious villagers are worshipping a baby cow born with five legs ‘to bring them good luck during the year of the Ox’.

Excited villagers gathered on the grassy field to take turns touching the unusual female calf in Surin province, northeast Thailand, on January 6.

The two-year-old calf named Kamkoo has four normal legs and a fifth which is sticking out from its back. The fifth leg also has two hoofs, which are intertwined with each other.

Incredibly, the calf is otherwise healthy and can potter around the field while grazing with her mother.

Villagers were even delighted to see the calf after knowing it was born from a mother cow named Kwang who unusually had five teats.

The family who own the cow believes the deformed calf will bring them good luck as the Chinese calendar says this is the year of the Ox, a close relative to the cows.

Thongjan Glangvichit, who raised the calf, said: ‘I had a dream that my late father told me to take care of this calf and to put 65 on the lottery ticket.’

His wife, Bualee said: ‘I dreamt that a person came and told me that 551-465 would be the winning lottery number.’

Residents claimed that since the calf was born, they have had dreams of their kin telling them lottery numbers which they will use for their tickets as animal encounters are believed to be lucky.

The calf is believed to have polymelia, a birth defect which causes an extra limb to form on most land-dwelling animals.